Thursday, August 4, 2011

Silas' First Birthday

One year ago today Silas Creed was born!
We celebrated his life today with lots of hugs, kisses, rides around the farm, and cupcakes!

Mama and her birthday boy

Grandpa and Gigi joined us for cupcakes and gift-giving

They gave him a wonderful toy we love...the wheely bug! It's awesome and so loveable! Riley and Abram had to take turns "showing" Silas how to ride on it. I think they were having so much fun it will be hard to tell who the gift was intended for in a few days!

The birthday set-up (with a SweetSeat, of course!)

He wasn't sure what to make of this flaming candle.

Older brothers enjoying cupcakes too

...I love those blue eyes

(doesn't he have lovely eyelashes too?)

He devoured two cupcakes right in a row! I think he would've been thankful for a third, but I had to stop somewhere. No surprises here, folks...this boy loves his sweets!