Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

The Rickstrew Family packed up and headed for the Gulf of Mexico again for Mother's Day. We enjoyed playing in the sand and sun in Port Aransas.

The Gulf is completely child friendly as the shore is very shallow for a very long time. We can walk out into the sea quite a ways and still only be knee deep in water.

Fair-skinned Silas stayed in the shade tent all day. This was his first trip to the beach. He ate his fair share of sand, let me tell you.

His eyes are as blue as that tent!

If you are wondering what Silas looks like/does most of the day...this is it! This is Silas' quintessential pose. Sucking on his two fingers, looking down, right hand in the air about to grab something he's looking at on the floor.

We were parked next to a truck that had the sign "Sandcastle Lessons" on the doors. He was creating a big castle for a young couple that would be strlling by later that day. He wrote the words, "Bianna, will you marry me? - Dave" on the front. We stayed late enough in the day to watch the whole proposal was very exciting. Oh- and she said yes!

My beautiful Abram, 2 years old.

He played all day in the sand until...

He got so tired he kept saying "bed, bed, bed..." and looking around. We made him a bed in the shade on towels and he slept through a major chunk of the afternoon.

Riley's favorite part of the beach is surfing. He goes out with Papa in the whitewater and Papa pushes him into the waves...over...and...over...and...over again.

Papa, Riley, and Abram.

Happy Mother's Day!

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