Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's New in Le Chez Poulet?

(photo courtesy of Riley)

Our new pullets are laying already! These are the Ideal 236's that we brought home about two weeks ago. When you have a brood of over 30 chickens and you collect just as many eggs everyday, just how do you know who laid what? Well, I know these new hens are laying because of two things. 1) The Ideal 236's are our only white egg layers and 2) Look how small that egg on the left is. The pullet eggs always start out small and get bigger as the hen gets older. The egg on the right is from an Ideal 236 that is almost a year old. They have the best dark orange yolk inside!

We bought new chicks!

A week ago we picked up some more Cuckoo Marans (they lay dark chocolate colored eggs), Americaunas (they lay a beautiful blue-green egg), and Black Australorps (brown egg). We'll be babying these until they get their full feathers and are big enough to be rooming in the coop with their big sisters.

We continue to be low on supply and high on demand for Riley's egg business. Our girls are producing exceptionally well but we just can't keep up with our customers orders! Hoping by summer time, the little chicks will be helping out with our operation and we'll be able to fill all of our orders.


April Alexander said...

We got the exact same breeds! I can't wait to see those beautiful chocolate colored eggs. Thanks for the update. You guys are doing an amazing job with your chickens!!

Lindsey G said...

We are getting chickens! Jonathan is in the process of building a coop in our backyard, next to the clothesline *sigh* I know who to ask any questions now... ;)

TnT said...

Yay Lindsey! That is so exciting! I love having chickens and I think they are the best "livestock" to start with. Low maintenance and within months they are producing the perfect food for you. What kind of breeds will you get? many chicks did you get total?