Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boys at the Barber

Check it out folks!
You can't find these old school barber shops just anywhere. Nope! You gotta be in a small country town to get good stuff like I'm showing you right here.

Merlin has a vinyl covered board (which matches the chair) that sits on the arms of the big chair for little tykes like Abram.

Merlin said he had never seen a toddler sit so still. I personally think it was out of fear if he moved, those loud clippy things would cut his ear off.

He was rewarded with a sucker from Merlin.

Riley went second. He said he was going to sit "stiller" than Abram. At the end of both haircuts, Riley asked who was "stiller." Merlin voted for Abram.
Five year old gets beat by one year old = not good for the five year old's ego.
BUT in ma's opinion it's REALLY good for helping Riley see where he could improve.

Look around this place. This barber shop deserves to be in a movie or a book. It is quintessential America.

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