Friday, March 4, 2011

Best French Bread

The other night I was making my friends' recipe for Venison & Rice soup and we needed some good crusty bread to go with it. It was already 3pm and I know if we wanted to stick to our usual eating time of 6pm, I'd be cutting it close to attempt making bread. I got on the computer and searched for a "crusty bread" recipe and found this diamond in the rough. It was so easy, so tasty, and so relatively quick for a yeast dough. I printed out the recipe and it'll be a staple on Monday Soup Night from now on.

What we had leftover the next morning made some really tasty french toast!


Sophia Merie said...

Wow! Your loaf looks so perfect! Although mine usually taste alright, they are never that pretty.

The DeL Sisters said...

Our family loves French bread, we have a really great recipe that does not take too long to make either!


Sara said...

That's what I'm talking about! I'm faced with that conundrum often, it seems. Yay, a recipe for the recipe box!

Who are we? said...

This bread is delish!
Rachel made it Sunday night.
Thanks for the recipe

Who are we? said...

oops that comment is from the Frys!