Friday, March 25, 2011

Herbal Intrusion

Our herbs arrived this week. And I'm so excited about them. I ordered some new things that I've read a bit about and can't wait to try them out.

I'm planning on delving into the world of tincture-making. I know this is old hat for some of you...and I'll take any advice you have. I bought the herbs for a "cold/flu" tincture and for a cough syrup. We had a couple of weeks in February where coughs kept everyone up at night and I had wished I had this then.

The rest of the herbs are for our daily kefir smoothies. I'm going to be adding this great product called chia seed. You can read all about it here. Also, this herbal "daily boost" is a great way to get all of our vitamins and minerals without popping any pills.

When I get around to making the tincture, I'll post pictures.

Multiple Car Pile-Up!

This little boy is fascinated with crashes. I'm blaming Richard Scarry. We have a great book of his which shows lots of pictures of things piled up on each other. I walked outside yesterday and found Riley making this.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Quilt for Silas

Silas was blessed with a handmade quilt from Gigi. It is the same fabric but in a different pattern than Abram's baby quilt. It is beautiful!
Thank you Gigi.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Spring!

...And that means it's time to get outside and tear out the old and put in the new! This is a very exciting time of year. I'd have to say that fall is my favorite season , but I love spring for what it represents. Everything is turning green again and the dirt is easy to work in. It's still nice outside so it's easy to spend time in the garden without overheating.

A week ago we roto-tilled our plot and are getting everything ready for the spring and summer garden.

Riley and Papa worked together. Papa ran the heavy machine while Riley went behind him with his dump truck to "flatten things out."

This is what our garden looks like now. I took this picture this morning. Papa has been busily working to make plating beds and rows for me to plant in. We decided to forgo the boring row- after-row common garden and design a garden with curves and smaller planters. We're going to plant flowers in between all of our vegetables....hopefully to make a garden that is both practical and beautiful! We'll have to keep you posted on how this turns out.

These are the only things we have left from our winter garden: lettuce, chard, carrots, beets, and one lonely cauliflower.

I'll harvest these tonight and we'll roast them and have them on our fresh lettuce with goat cheese. Yum!

What's New in Le Chez Poulet?

(photo courtesy of Riley)

Our new pullets are laying already! These are the Ideal 236's that we brought home about two weeks ago. When you have a brood of over 30 chickens and you collect just as many eggs everyday, just how do you know who laid what? Well, I know these new hens are laying because of two things. 1) The Ideal 236's are our only white egg layers and 2) Look how small that egg on the left is. The pullet eggs always start out small and get bigger as the hen gets older. The egg on the right is from an Ideal 236 that is almost a year old. They have the best dark orange yolk inside!

We bought new chicks!

A week ago we picked up some more Cuckoo Marans (they lay dark chocolate colored eggs), Americaunas (they lay a beautiful blue-green egg), and Black Australorps (brown egg). We'll be babying these until they get their full feathers and are big enough to be rooming in the coop with their big sisters.

We continue to be low on supply and high on demand for Riley's egg business. Our girls are producing exceptionally well but we just can't keep up with our customers orders! Hoping by summer time, the little chicks will be helping out with our operation and we'll be able to fill all of our orders.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Best French Bread

The other night I was making my friends' recipe for Venison & Rice soup and we needed some good crusty bread to go with it. It was already 3pm and I know if we wanted to stick to our usual eating time of 6pm, I'd be cutting it close to attempt making bread. I got on the computer and searched for a "crusty bread" recipe and found this diamond in the rough. It was so easy, so tasty, and so relatively quick for a yeast dough. I printed out the recipe and it'll be a staple on Monday Soup Night from now on.

What we had leftover the next morning made some really tasty french toast!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boys at the Barber

Check it out folks!
You can't find these old school barber shops just anywhere. Nope! You gotta be in a small country town to get good stuff like I'm showing you right here.

Merlin has a vinyl covered board (which matches the chair) that sits on the arms of the big chair for little tykes like Abram.

Merlin said he had never seen a toddler sit so still. I personally think it was out of fear if he moved, those loud clippy things would cut his ear off.

He was rewarded with a sucker from Merlin.

Riley went second. He said he was going to sit "stiller" than Abram. At the end of both haircuts, Riley asked who was "stiller." Merlin voted for Abram.
Five year old gets beat by one year old = not good for the five year old's ego.
BUT in ma's opinion it's REALLY good for helping Riley see where he could improve.

Look around this place. This barber shop deserves to be in a movie or a book. It is quintessential America.