Friday, January 14, 2011


We had to drive up to the mountains to get snow during our visit to Colorado. These pictures were taken at Carter Park in Breckenridge.

Tom is in the red jacket just left of center, pulling Abram on the sled.

Papa and Abram coming down the "kiddie hill" first, so as to ease Abram into the thrill of the big hill.


Verdict? Crying hysterically or loving it?

Answer: loving it!

...and ready for more.

Lots more!

Riley decides he'll go by himself saying "I can do it Papa, I can do it! Watch me!" Sure enough, he did great...walked up the slushy hill and powered down the mountain without any fear.

All three going for it.

Here they come.

With the weight of all three, they get going pretty fast.

...with Riley at the helm

...they zoom on by.

Mama: Was it fun, Abram?
Abram: Yeah!
Mama: Wanna go again?
Abram: YEAH!

Freezing faces

Mama and Abram had a turn.

Nana carrying bundled Silas back to the car after a tremendously fun day in Breckenridge.

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