Monday, January 10, 2011

The Rickstrew Mini-Fig

Keith Phinney paid us a visit about a week ago and put Riley's love for legos to shame. Keith Phinney LOVES legos. He told us all about the "mini figs" know...those little lego people that come in the boxed set with your fire engine or castle, etc. Keith Phinney gave Riley these two important rules for legos:

Rule #1: NEVER lose a lego
Rule #2: NEVER, NEVER lose a mini-fig

Riley got this cute Lego headlamp for Christmas and Thomas put it on Silas...our own little mini-fig!


Unknown said...

Riley should come see our house next time you visit Humboldt. We have way too many Legos in my opinion, however, not enough according to Aaron.

BrendaLou said...

We love the fact that our grands now play with the Lego's their moms had as kids! Of course I keep the fun at Grandma's house!