Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ok, dear friends. I'm trying to spiff up my blog and one of the ways I think I can do that is to add the tabs at the top so you can search for things...specific sourdough recipes or how to sew a crayon roll or knit a hat.

It's too late to stay up trying to figure all of this out right now though. I'll try to work more when the chiblins are asleep. Stick with me as this site undergoes construction.

Repeat after me...I'm not a professional.


The Pennington Point said...

Hey! Why did I not know you had a blog?! How fun! Lisa~

TnT said...

Hi Lisa. Yes, I've been chugging around for a couple of years on here....vacillating between mediocrity and "fun for Grandma"! =) Not sure what my niches is just yet and as a young mom...don't have a whole lot of time. BUT-- anyway...glad you checked us out!

Wendy said...

That's exciting! I've added one tab to my blog, too. It's definitely a learning experience to figure out this whole blogging thing! I'm just kind of tweaking as I go whenever I have time. I love your blog. :)