Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

We recently took our 2010 family pictures. It was a beautiful day in Comfort, Texas. A friend from church...the extra talented Josh Anderson...spent an afternoon with us and snapped his camera at all of the right times. Herein are a few of my favs. It's hard to choose just a few though. They were all well done.

We're off to Colorado for the holidays.
Be back in a week or so.
See you then.


the mom~ said...

GORGEOUS! I love all of them and look AMAZING!!!

Lindsey G said...

These pics are stunning!!! Tracy, what a beautiful, classy lady you are; truly a lovely family :) :)

Sean and Lindsey Thomas said...

I think the last one is my favorite, but they are all great!

TnT said...

The last one is our favorite too:). I'll post more when I return.