Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two Babies

Besides twins, this is most likely as close as I'll get to having two babies in the house simultaneously. It is pure joy and total insanity...all at the same time.


Kim said...

When Calvin was born, our sweet Charlie was 2, but less than 12 months developmentally, and not walking to boot (oh, and still nursing like a maniac--and he needed to be because he was not able to eat or drink well at that point). It was totally wild. But I love that the boys remain so close. In fact I am often asked if they are twins.

Little Abram looks so sweet craddling his brother.

Kelly said...

It definitely has it's joys along with it's challenges. Starting with our second set that are 14 months apart. It is alot of diapers and careful planning when we want to go any where right now. But I love how well Eli and Zoe play and learn together. I am looking forward to being able to home school them together on some subjects.
Did you ever find a double stroller you liked?

Wendy said...

Too cute! Abram is so BROWN! Ah, the life of a farm boy. :) (Or a beach boy in some cases.) I just love all the pictures of your boys!