Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life With Three Boys

Three different personalities...three different faces...three different boys


Kelly said...

God is awesome! I love that He lets me watch the personalities grow in my little ones! All so different and unique.

Garrett Taylor said...

Oh that picture just squeezes my heart. I truly love each of your boys. Silas!! He's such a "big" (newborn) boy, sitting upright in Riley's arms! I NEED to see a close-up of his blue eyes. And Riley, I can already see the paternal strength, tenderness, reliability that will someday define him. And yet now he is just a lighthearted, fast-learning 5 year old who desperately loves his Mama and Papa and is earnest to please them. And ABRAM! What a heartthrob with his big brown eyes and charming countenance. And OH his soft downy hair... so little of it!! HA! Still such a baby himself. Okay maybe I should've made this post an email :-) Love you all so deeply. -mb