Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Riley Dean

A week before Riley was to turn five years old, he asked me in all seriousness...
Riley: Are you going to hang the birthday banner for me?
Me: Sure.
Riley: When I wake up, can there be blue balloons everywhere?
Me: Sure.
Riley: Will you be standing in the living room, waiting for me to wake up?
Me: Sure.
Riley: Will you have baby Silas in your arms so he can see me wake up too?
Me: Sure.

Nana sent a mask and snorkel and pool toys for Riley.

This years cake was a dump truck. Complete with a "full load" of oreos, junior mints, M&Ms, pretzel sticks, and licorice.

Grandpa and Gigi delighted their grandson BIG TIME with a brand new 1000 piece puzzle and a whole lot of John Deere toys to go with his tractor they got him a couple of years ago. Riley has enough equipment to have a hay farm of his own now. And he's the only five year old I know who knows more about big equipment and the process of growing, cutting, baling, and selling hay than most adults.

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April said...

Happy belated Birthday to Riley!