Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Swimming

Oops! I keep forgetting to post pictures of our swimming pool that we bought at the end of May. It has been my lifesaver during the end stages of pregnancy in the Texas heat...and Riley has basically taught himself to swim with his hours and hours of fun in the pool every day. It's 18' feet wide and 4' deep..which is big enough for all of us to be in it, without feeling crowded, playing or floating around. I did water aerobics in it everyday up until the birth of Silas.

You can see the sprayer behind the pool, obstructing the nice view of the hay isn't usually there...but we were using the high powered pump from this machine to clean it after we had a bunch of friends over in the pool.

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Lindsey G said...

Tracy, that pool looks luscious right now to this bulky-feeling Mama! What a treat to have it right in your backyard!!