Thursday, August 12, 2010

Silas' Quilt

I learned how to sew and handquilt when Riley was two years old. I enjoyed it so much that I purposed to handquilt a baby quilt for each of our children. I have loved having a project to work on during the late months of pregnancy when a gal should have her feet up and be relaxing.

This handmade quilt was started in the middle of July. I figured I had one month to finish it. Around 1pm on August 4th, Silas' birthday, I finished it! It was washed and dried and ready to encompass him by the time he was born at 7:11pm.

This is the back side of the quilt. I never got a chance to put a little tag on it...something that says..."while I waited for you, etc." But now that he is here and the unknown of whether he is a he or a she is known...I can be less vague and put his real name on the quilt.

He looks good in it, don't you think?


April said...

It is just gorgeous Tracy!! I love the prints and design. Hand quilting is a lot of work, well done!!

Lindsey G said...

What a beautiful quilt! I'm so encouraged that you learned to quilt in just the last few gives me hope for myself!!

Meal Planning Made Simple said...
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Meal Planning Made Simple said...

So, I previously asked how long it took you, but then realized that you already said how long. :) It's beautiful Tracy! It didn't take you long to make it at all! Makes me want to make one myself.