Friday, August 13, 2010

Rickstrew Boys

Papa and Silas on day 5

Abram isn't quite sure what to think of Silas...but he always smiles really big when he gets close to him. When I ask Abram, "Where's the baby?" He points to my belly and smiles. We have been telling him, "Not anymore...there is the baby!" (while pointing to Silas). We had our camera ready for the moment we think Abram finally understood.

The initiation to Rickstrew boyhood has begun. Each day Riley and Abram bring baby Silas a new toy to show him how it works, what it does, how to play with it, etc.

Big brother Riley is always asking, "Can I hold baby Silas now?"

And he only gets to if he can pry him out of Mama's or Papa's arms. He is just a dream!

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Garrett Taylor said...

Can you believe you now live under one roof with FOUR boys?!? The Lord knows just what you're cut out for, sister! I relish every post you put on your blog, so keep them coming. You are putting that camera to good use, capturing your blessings in such delightful ways. More more more!