Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Boy Born August 4th!!!

Much to our delight (and surprise) our third son was born yesterday evening on August 4th at 7:11pm. His due date was August we are blessed to get these extra days with him =)

An hour or so after birth.

Baby gets weighed...a whopping 8 lbs. 4 oz and 22'' long! That makes him our lightest baby (by 2 oz.) but the exact same height as the other two.

All squished up in the net to weigh him...this is exactly what he was like in the womb!

Look at those big feet!

Newborn exam results: PERFECTION! Praise the Lord!

Is there anything sweeter???

Name and birth story to follow...
Stay tuned!


Kelly said...

What a beautiful boy! I love the pics of him folded up in to the womb position, it always amazes me.

Lindsey G said...

what a gorgeous mama and babe!! Us Georgia Gents are so excited and happy for "y'all"!!

Chris Panza said...

He is definitely a Rickstrew boy!

Wendy said...

He looks so much like Riley in the "full-length" photo!