Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mobile Coop

We built our chicken coop to be mobile. That way the chickens can have access to fresh grass wherever we put the coop.

Big tractors sure do help!

The chickens are coming out for the first time to roam free. It took a quite a bit of convincing for them to leave the coop. They are certainly creatures of habit! Since we have two very serious bird dogs on the property and our Naya-girl who has been known to "fetch and retrieve" her fair share of birds, we cannot leave our chickens out to roam free all day long. If the dogs are in their kennel and we are outside, we can keep our eyes on them and they come out of the coop to peck and scratch. We try to let them out for a while in the morning and evening. When we get our electric poultry netting set up, they should be able to roam all day outside within the fence. We also have plans to build a small chicken run which will keep chickens in and predators out.


Garrett Taylor said...

I was wondering how you were planning to protect your helpless flock from those bird killing machines! Sounds like a great plan. The coop is so pretty. :-)

Chris Panza said...

That's a fine lookin' coop!

Wendy said...

LOVE IT!! Did you get some Buff Orpingtons? It looks like you did. I love my Buffs. I love the Araucanas, too, mostly because they lay blue & green eggs. :)