Monday, June 28, 2010

More Hay Than We Know What To Do With

This barn is getting quite full. I believe we can stack about 7,000 square bales into this barn. With all of the rain we've received this year, our hay crop is growing really well. So well, in fact, that we're having a hard time keeping up with it. By the time one field is cut, raked, and baled, another field is ready to go. This means long days on the farm.

Tom is driving our bale wagon back from the field with a full load of hay.

We have so much hay we've overflowed into the new barn. Here is the first stack to ever be placed in the new barn.

This new barn was built last fall for equipment and extra hay storage. Tom and his dad have been working busily to weld the backstop you can see at the far end. This will keep from falling backwards when the bale wagon drops the stack of hay. Up next? Lots and lots of tin all over the main two rain-ward sides.


the mom~ said...

What DO they do with the hay? Sell it? Use it for feed? Curious here...

TnT said...

Well, Salena...that's the kind of farm we have...a hay farm. So...we grow hay all year and cut it, bale it, store it, and sell it. That's what we do. It just so happens that we have more hay on hand right now than usual because of the rains and with that...the demand isn't as high because if it rained on our fields, it most likely rained on our customers fields too...which means they buy less hay and we have more in the barn.