Friday, May 21, 2010


The puppies are 5 weeks old now...and so cute.

We've got posters up around town to sell these babies...

but I know when they go, there will be two little boys who will be very sad.

I thought this was a funny picture of the pup.

Part of Riley's daily chores is to feed the puppies every day and take them out of their pin for time to romp and play.

Riley's idea of fun most often involves a dump the puppies get to go for rides.

And it's easy to get them all out too...just lift up and..



the mom~ said...


Lindsey G said...

They are sooooo cute!! Puppies and little ones playing are so fun to watch :)

April said...

Adorable! I love the dump truck action too!

Garrett Taylor said...

Makes me think of a Charlotte Mason pearl of wisdom: "Each day, a child needs something to do, something to think about, and something to love."

Yours boys have it all!!