Friday, April 30, 2010

Kitchen Pests

Who else suffers from those annoying kitchen pests called fruit flies?

If you compost, have bananas on your counter, or make kombucha or kefir, chances are you have a fruit fly problem. Here is a quick fix to the pesky problem...

Place a 1/4c. or so of apple cider vinegar (any vinegar or red wine will work too) in a small bowl and cover it tightly with saran wrap. Pole tiny holes in it with a sharp knife. The flies will fly in but they can't get out. A-ha! You've got a quick trap with minimal effort.

My experience is that this is a must-do if you have fruit flies...but it doesn't do anything about where they are laying their eggs. I've heard of bleach down the drain, cleaning the garbage disposal, and getting rid of all possible sources of fruit on the counter.

What have you done that has solved the problem for good????

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