Friday, March 5, 2010

You Named It!

...Romanesco Broccoli

Thank you Leslie for naming our yummy mystery vegetable that we grew in our garden. And thank you Cato for knowing it surely was some type of broccoli! After Leslie told us the name we looked it up online more extensively and found some great recipes for it. We have three enormous heads of it, well, after a dinner a few nights ago, two heads, and now we feel we're eating like king's and queen's with this heirloom, hard-to-find-or-buy variety of lime green goodness.

I highly recommending growing it for any of you with gardens in your backyard. It was so simple to grow, in fact, just sun and water is all it needed. Meaning, I didn't have to worry about bugs on it or anything all winter long.

Even if we have to order seeds through a seed catalog, we'll definitely be growing this again.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Nice!! I see this all the time at the market here in Turkey and have no idea what it is!!! Now I know it's broccoli and can actually buy it and treat it that way! So glad you asked the question!!!