Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Knit Vest

I haven't been sewing much lately because I've been knitting. And I've noticed that the two don't go together in my world. It's typically one or the other. The winter months seem to have me knitting whereas I can't stop sewing in the summertime. Either way, I want to be creating something year round...and it is always motivating if there's an adorable baby to make things for!

On our long drive to Colorado a month ago, I knit Abram this vest. It's 100% washable wool and I don't know what's cuter...Abram or the vest? How about Abram IN the vest? Now THAT is simply adorable.

This is pretty much what it looks like from the back.

Here's three good lookers: my mom, my husband, and my babe at my step-dad's memorial in Colorado.

And what baby doesn't love a steering wheel? Here he is in his 100% mama-made knit vest and sewed britches. Oh my, he's so cuddly and happy...what's not to love?


katie said...

I do love it! Did somebody teach you or did you use a book to learn to knit? I want to learn but I'm at a roadblock.

TnT said...

Hi katie! Actually, Tommy taught me to knit while in college. However, I had a refresher while visiting Humboldt this past fall and had Marybeth help me make a Christmas stocking. I've never had a knitting book. What I do is look for free patterns...ravelry.com is FULL of them...and if there's a stitch I don't know how to do, I look it up online. This vest was very easy...and doable in a weekend for any beginning knitter. In fact, I loved making it so much, I bought more yarn to make a bigger one for him.

Kelly said...

That is way cute, good job! I also bounce back and forth between types of crafting. I like to keep my hands busy.

the mom~ said...

He's looking a lot like his daddy! Love the vest!

April said...

The vest is adorable and I just love those buttons! I knit Justin a baby sweater and hat which I have hung up in his room to this day. I don't knit much, but admire those who do, well done!

Lindsey G said...

Darling, Tracy! What a sweet little man in mama-made clothes...isn't it so satisfying to create things for your children?