Friday, December 4, 2009

Knitting Madness

Finally! I got around to taking a few pictures of Riley's new hat and mittens. I knitted these with 100% merino wool....which is sooo lovely and soft. Apparently, it is machine washable and dry-able too. I knit these in October, when Texas weather was still so warm Riley wore shirts and shorts every day. But, thankfully, the weather has recently turned colder and we're all bundling up before we go outside.

Riley likes to climb these trees in our front yard.

Aren't those lines super cool?

A super cool hat and mittens set for a super cool kid.


the mom~ said...

LOVE them!

Mandy said...

would have to agree...cute boy & cute knitting. you are so talented!

Lindsey G said...

yay! it feels so good to bundle up and go outside- great job on the cute hat and mittens, and nice colors, too! I just bought circular needles to make a hat for Eowyn for the first time :)

MollyJoy said...

Beautiful work! And quite a strapping young lad you have! Love you Trae!

April said...

Wow, amazing work Tracy! You are talented in every area of textiles! :)