Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friends from Reno

Lindsey and Anya Bear came out to visit on short notice. Remember that elk hunting trip my man took, which left me alone for 10 days? Well...I wasn't alone too long because my buddy flew out with her daughter to hang with us on the keep us company.

Lindsey telling stories in a hollowed-out tree at an outdoor shopping center.

Lindsey read a lot of stories while she was here...both Riley and Anya enjoy being read to... a lot.

I'm so thankful that she got to meet Baby Abram in person. Being the love that he is, he loved to be in her arms.

Two of my favorite people.

And this cutie-pa-tootie staying warm under hot clothes right out of the dryer.


April said...

Anya is getting so big! I'm loving the pics of Abram with his thumb, sooo cute!!

the mom~ said...

How nice of her to come visit you! I would love to visit you one day as well ;)

Sean and Lindsey Thomas said...

yay! we made it on your blog, I love your blog you do a great was so great for us to come and visit you...thank you for the wonderful hospitality, thanks for the glad we got to stay in the barn with you too!