Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Elk Hunt

As many of you know, Tom and his dad had the once-in-their-lifetime opportunity to go elk hunting together in western New Mexico. They were gone for 10 days.

When they returned, Tom quickly got to work (with the essential help of a friend) processing the meat. We'll be eating elk for DAYS....or...MONTHS. Oh yeah, elk stew, elk stir fry, elk sausage, elk jerky, elk parmesan, elk spaghetti, elk burgers, elk steaks, elk and eggs, etc. If you have an elk recipe, PLEASE feel free to share with me.

I've enclosed all of the photos in a folder here entitled Elk Hunt in our "mobile me" gallery. BE FOREWARNED: some pictures are somewhat graphic. Feel free not to peruse the album if you aren't comfortable...that is...with the raw (start-to-finish...or...field-to-plate) processing of wild animals.

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Wendy said...

Ha ha ha! Dad went on his once-in-a-lifetime elk hunt two years ago & I think we STILL have a couple packages of elk meat in the freezer! (Maybe not though...hard to see anything for all the hamburger and sausage from a heifer we have in there!) You can pretty much use it anyway you'd use beef or other venison. I think we have some elk-specific recipes; I'll try to dig them out for you.