Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday Bash

Mama turned 31 on Sunday, November 8th and Papa surprised her with a night out at the Famous Majestic Theater. We got to see Riverdance...it was fantastic. So much better in person, in real life, up close. What talent these folks have to tap those feet a million taps a second all the while not moving their torsos an inch.

Riley got to come with us too and loved it. At the intermission he was practicing his own Riverdance in the hallways...tap-tappin' away! He's still re-inacting the performance for us days later.

Here is a close up of us outside the theater. And of Riley's hat I hand knit for him. He's wearing his hand knit mittens too- but you can't see them in the picture right here.

Papa made my favorite cake for me-- yellow cake with chocolate frosting (Chris- you should've been here-- it was epic!)

Three candles for decade number 3.

Two layered cake split in half and into five slices. One for Mama, Papa, Riley, Gigi, and Grandpa.

"Happy Birthday to you,
To Jesus be true,
May He bless you and Keep you,
Your whole life through..."


April said...

What a perfect birthday Tracy! One to remember for years to come! So glad you got to see Riverdance. I used to do that kind of dancing and always wanted to see them...someday!!

Chris Panza said...

Wish I could've been there. And not just for the cake! For Riverdance! :) And, really, for the amazing company.

the mom~ said...

Ahhhh...what a wonderful birthday!

JennE said...

Looks like a fantastic 31st birthday! I'm glad to know that Tommy can bake a cake too!

Jamie and James said...

Happy Birthday!!! That cake looks amazing!!!