Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Baby Eats!!

On Abram's 6 month birthday, in true Rickstrew tradition, we fed our baby avocado as a first food.

Unlike Riley, Abram did NOT like it.

Bananas is another story...this boy can eat and eat and eat bananas

And sucks them down...

Now, let's try sweet potatoes.

Freezing pureed sweet potatoes in little servings. This is SO easy. Just freeze them and pop them in a ziplock and take out a cube at a time. there's a food he can eat over and over!


the mom~ said...

Yah!!! I love the fact that for the first 6 months of life we as mothers can provide complete nourishment...warms my heart. I love the little servings you made too, COOL!!!

Kendall and Kari Elkins said...

Great idea with the ice cube tray. I have to try that myself when Evan gets big enough. Hope I don't forget. My new mom brain is not the most reliable.