Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Generations

Everyone in Texas was proud when a Cabela's opened shop outside of Austin in a town called Buda. Three years ago, during a summer visit to Grandpa and Gigi on the Rickstrew Ranch, we took a day trip to Cabela's. And if you've been there before, you know what I mean. It takes a day to wander through one of these monster warehouses.

July 2006.
Riley was 11 months old.

September 2009.
Riley is 4 years old and we've got a new boy to add to the Rickstrew family tree. Abram is 5 months old. I'm thankful for all of these men.

(Photos taken in the same spot; the most recent was on my camera phone--not that great of quality!)


Chris Panza said...

That second picture is the epitome of Riley: rip-roaring-ready to have a great time, involving lots of laughs.

P.S. Glad to see big Tom sporting the hay-free anklets.

TnT said...

Chris-- oh yeah!! You are right about Riley! I pray his joy will see him his whole life through! Hahaha about the anklets. He'll be proud of this picture for that fact alone.

BrendaLou said...

What fun it was to meet Big Tom & Linda! And I absolutely adored being Riley's "grandma for a day." Isn't Cabella's fun? We've been to 3 so far.

Beka and Jason Haché said...

Jakob loves Cabellas, all the fish tanks, and the animals!