Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is the way we roll...

Decided to pack up our bikes in our Odyssey and go tour a few of the Missions along the San Antonio River. There is a bike path connecting most of them and with Riley riding his own bike now, we're unstoppable. We can go ANYWHERE!

Bikes in the back

Riley on a section of the trail

Abram rides on my back in the Ergo baby carrier (AKA the best baby carrier in the world! Thank you Grandma Donna for this gift- when Riley was a babe)

Here is San Juan Mission. I'm standing inside their old grain mill which was water-powered.

Such industry and creativity happening back then!

Here's a view of a section of the grounds.

The cathedral.

Baby Abram didn't stay awake too long...he loves to go for bike rides.


April said...

Awesome ride and views Tracy!! I love the history of it!

the mom~ said...

Before we got our bike rack be use to cram our bikes into the back of our Odyssy...until my rim got bent we got a rack soon after that!!!