Monday, October 5, 2009

Surfing Camel Rock

Joy of all joys...Tom got to spend some time in the water during our California adventure. Our bud, Mike D. accompanied him in the water and allowed the use of his sweet board during Tom's stay. This is Tom's favorite spot- Camel Rock.

Getting suited up.

Riley checking the break.

There's quite a hike from where you park down to the water. Surfing in No. Ca. is definitely not for the faint-hearted (or fair weather-ed).

There go Tom and Mike, ready for some action.

After a good sesh, Tom rides one last one in. Even after a year of living landlocked, he's still "got it."

We entertained ourselves by Riley running around the beach, splashing in the waves. He didn't mind that the water was a mere 55 degrees.

Abram's first Pacific Ocean experience..he slept through the whole thing.

There's my man!

The Dudes.

Camel Rock sunset.

Me and my boys...sunstruck.


Chris Panza said...

Sweet sunset.

tcamper said...

i really wish i'd been able to surf with you guys. beautiful photos! =)

Donnie, Allison, Micah, and Emma said...

beautiful pictures!

the mom~ said...

Awesome!!! Beautiful pictures.

Kendall and Kari Elkins said...

I'm jealous of your visit back to Northern California. I know that Kendall would have loved to surf Camel Rock with Tom. It's great to see that all is well and that things are still as beautiful as ever out on the coast. We miss the ocean and hope to make it back for a visit ourselves. Thanks for commenting on the birth of our son Evan, parenthood really is a beuatiful thing. We will post more pics of Evan soon. He is already 6 weeks old today and changing so much. Love you guys and keep the recipes and videos comming. I always love visiting your blog.

Kendall and Kari Elkins said...

It was so great to see the pics of your visit to Northern California. We are so jealous. I know that Kendall would have loved to surf Camel Rock with Tom. Thanks for commenting on our blog about the birth of Evan. Parenthood really is all they say it is and we are having so much fun with out sweet little boy. We will post some new pics of him soon. I love visiting your blog and checking out the pics, recipes, crafts and videos that grace the pages. Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop, it's tons of fun. Love you guys and hope to hear from you soon.

Kendall and Kari Elkins said...

I pretty much posted the same thing twice because I got a funny message and didn't think it worked so you can ignore one of the posts. lol

Sara said...

Tracy, remember the Camel Rock day that you and I walked on the beach while our husbands surfed and Riley was still in your belly? These photos take me back to that day. So sweet!

April said...

Great pics Tracy! The sunset pic is incredible!! Glad Tom got a chance to catch some waves while you all were here.