Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smith River

We had a great day at the Smith River with our good friend Chris. Making sure we placed our eyes on this beautiful river and placed our feet in it's cold waters was a MUST on our to-do list in Humboldt.

Abram chilled on the river bar for the day...content to observe the beauty around him

The water was sooooooo cold that Chris and I had to dare one another to go in. He went first. But I didn't have the camera ready. So...like a good sport, he went again.

Here I go
(Screaming and shouting....)
I made it! (Look close-- you can still see my dry hair in the middle of the splash)
You can see Riley playing in the water, throwing rocks, doing what boys do...and Papa on the shore with Abram.

There goes Chris...
(Not screaming and shouting...what a gentleman!)
Cool and collected.
Nice entry...I gave him a 9.5
That water behind Riley is about 12-15 feet deep right there....the Smith River is notoriously clean and clear.
The Rickstrew Fam
And of course, in the company that we keep...no day is complete without a few rounds of Niger tea.


April said...

Looks like a fun day! I've never been to the Smith here before - the water looks SO clear. How do you get to this spot?

the mom~ said...

You are one brave woman!!! Looks like a fabulous day!