Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boys and Trains

Meet one of Riley's best friends. He might be seven years older but he has the heart of a big brother so that one hardly notices the age gap while they play.

We went to Fort Humboldt for the last Saturday of the summer train rides. It is a real steam engine that used to ride the rails helping out with the timber industry back in the 1900's.

He enjoys teaching Riley how to do "boy" things like climb trees...

And he's always willing to offer a helping hand...

Here's Riley himself helping to switch the tracks at the train yard

Forever Friends

Found this poem on a kitchen trivet in their home..

Said the Robin to the Sparrow,

“I should really like to know,

Why these anxious human beings

Rush about and worry so.”

Said the Sparrow to the Robin,

“Friend, I think that it must be,

That they have no Heavenly Father,

Such as cares for you and me.”

-- Author Unknown


the mom~ said...

Ahhhhh, so sweet!

Gent said...

Hi Tracy and co. I can't wait to show Christian the photos of Riley and him. He (we) really miss your boys on the Gent acres. Come back!