Thursday, October 8, 2009

Banjo Babes

One fine summer afternoon in Humboldt with the Taylors...

Annabelle to Riley: Do you want to play house? You can be the husband.
Riley to Annabelle: No, I want to be the Papa.
Annabelle: No, you can be the Daddy.
Riley: Ok, I'll be the husband.
Annabelle to Isaac: You shall be our baby.

They drag out the banjo case...

Annabelle to Isaac: Baby, get in your car seat.
Riley to Isaac: Buckle Up!

Isaac quickly obeyed.

Annabelle to Riley: You must drive because you're the husband.
Riley: Yeah! I'm the husband. I'll drive. Get in.
Annabelle to Riley: Where are you taking us?
Riley: I don't know, but this is fun!

And on and on they played Mama and Papa to baby Isaac.


katie said...

I love kid's minds, love listening to the way they play, love their take on us that they show us through their play:)

Garrett Taylor said...

That was a sweet little playtime indeed. They sure take joy in their respective (pretend) roles, don't they? Lord, let that inspire us to delight in our roles more than ever!