Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Balance Bike Benefits

Ok, so...many of you have been asking...how old is Riley? Why is he not on training wheels? I thought I'd take this time to tout the advantages of starting your tot out on a balance bike. Balance Bike...you ask? What is a balance bike? You can see an example of one here. It is a bike without pedals and without training wheels. The child learns to "skoot" and pick up their feet to glide, so to speak. This teaches them how to balance so that when you put them on a bike with pedals, they never need training wheels. It REALLY does work.

Riley used his balance bike for one year (mastered it after a few months) and the first time on a pedal bike (on his 4th birthday!) he was off and pedaling...with NO HELP! And hasn't needed any help.

Seriously...check it out. I might be a little bit biased at the skills of my just-turned-4 year old...BUT I thought I'd put the info out there in case other parents wanted to avoid years of training wheels, skinned knees, and scared kids. Consider yourself informed!


the mom~ said...

Hmmmm...Abram will be 4 at the end of the month and is pretty close to riding a two wheeler, maybe I should get him one...

Michael P said...

Wish I had that for our youngest dtr. It took us months to make the switch from training wheels to without. BTW: love the profile pic you have here. Reminds me of Kellie and I's first date when we stopped by your bedroom window while walking around the nieghborhood.