Thursday, October 29, 2009

Annual Peanut Festival

The air is getting cooler and we (joyfully) dug our sweaters and down vests out of the storage for the Annual Floresville Peanut Festival. Floresville happens to be the "Peanut Capital of Texas"...which is saying a lot. Texas is big. And to be known as the capital of anything in Texas is worth celebrating.

A few weekends ago we went down to main street (Floresville only has a few streets) and parked ourselves with doughnuts and hot chocolate in hand, ready to watch a small-town country parade.

These are the kinds of things you get to see in a parade which celebrates all of the local peanut farmers. Here is the local high school band.

There they go, in and...out...of step.

And parades aren't complete without a King and Queen and their Royal Peanut Court.

Look closely at the girl on the child-size John Deere...leg on the steering wheel, arms relaxed, fully asleep. Their sign boasted "5th Generation Peanut Farmers."

This was too funny not to capture on film. One thing about Texans, we can laugh at ourselves.

It wouldn't be a proper parade without an antique tractor.

This dude converted his lawn mower to propane...and is bragging about it.

Now, who is this little adorable munchkin?

Grandpa and his grandson.

Abram is a man's man. There are three men in his life and two women. He always gives us each a smile, but some more readily than others. First always goes to Riley. Then Grandpa. Then his Papa. And last are the women, Mama and Gigi. (But he loves us all just the same)

The Rickstrew Men

If you come hungry, expect there always to be a Frito Pie for sale.

Or anything deep-fried. These were peanuts fried in their shell. They were mighty tasty, if I don't say so myself.

Grandpa decided to challenge Mama saying that he'd pay $5 for me to climb this wall...not sure I could do it. Well, Mama always likes a good challenge and never backs down so she harnassed up.

...And got to climbin'...

Until she reached the top..."Ding, ding, ding!"

That's right! That little rock wall has nothin' on me!
(I hate to admit though-- my forearms were shaky the rest of the day-- it was definitely harder than it looks)

This is the way we roll...

Decided to pack up our bikes in our Odyssey and go tour a few of the Missions along the San Antonio River. There is a bike path connecting most of them and with Riley riding his own bike now, we're unstoppable. We can go ANYWHERE!

Bikes in the back

Riley on a section of the trail

Abram rides on my back in the Ergo baby carrier (AKA the best baby carrier in the world! Thank you Grandma Donna for this gift- when Riley was a babe)

Here is San Juan Mission. I'm standing inside their old grain mill which was water-powered.

Such industry and creativity happening back then!

Here's a view of a section of the grounds.

The cathedral.

Baby Abram didn't stay awake too long...he loves to go for bike rides.

Cowboy Action

Another awesome handmade present for Abram came in the mail recently-- from our dear friend Caitlin. Abram, being a Texan pure-bred, (AND the absolute freedom for the rest of his life to correct people and say..."ahem, actually I WAS born in a barn), got new cowboy digs. A "giddy up" onsie and an adorable flannel taggie.

Thank YOU Cait!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Abram's Friends

Abram made several friends while he was visiting Humboldt...He was held an awful lot (what a blessed boy!!)
Maizie Belle and Gabriel Creed
Mama Fugate
And some old friends...Marybeth, Annabelle, and Isaac
Micah Jude Hebert (now living in Africa)
Erica (she put the boy to sleep in minutes by rocking him)
Of course, Grandma and Grandpa
LOVE this one of Grandpa and Abram

Smith River

We had a great day at the Smith River with our good friend Chris. Making sure we placed our eyes on this beautiful river and placed our feet in it's cold waters was a MUST on our to-do list in Humboldt.

Abram chilled on the river bar for the day...content to observe the beauty around him

The water was sooooooo cold that Chris and I had to dare one another to go in. He went first. But I didn't have the camera ready. a good sport, he went again.

Here I go
(Screaming and shouting....)
I made it! (Look close-- you can still see my dry hair in the middle of the splash)
You can see Riley playing in the water, throwing rocks, doing what boys do...and Papa on the shore with Abram.

There goes Chris...
(Not screaming and shouting...what a gentleman!)
Cool and collected.
Nice entry...I gave him a 9.5
That water behind Riley is about 12-15 feet deep right there....the Smith River is notoriously clean and clear.
The Rickstrew Fam
And of course, in the company that we day is complete without a few rounds of Niger tea.