Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Family in Town...

Nana and Grandpa Gene drove down from Colorado to see our farm, meet baby Abram, see us, etc. Mom and I kept busy at the antique stores in New Braunfels and Fredricksburg, while Grandpa Gene and the boys did what men usually do when their wives are busy shopping...find the nearest park bench and people watch.

Family photo in Fredricksburg

Eight years ago, Tom and I stayed at this little one room inn called the Cooper Tub in Fredricksburg to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. 8 years and two boys later, we're back!

Here we are at the River Walk in San Antonio

The next day we all went to New Braunfels, a German settlement. We ate Apple Strudel from this bakery, which happens to be the oldest bakery in Texas.

Peek a boo!

We polished off a fine day in Greune. More shopping, more good food, more Texas fun!

Three generations.


the mom~ said...

You look amazing! The trip looks fabulous! It's nice to see your mom and Gene.

TnT said...

You are my faithful blog reader and commenter--- Thanks Sally!!! =)

April said...

You look great Tracy! Bouncing back from #2 isn't easy but you're doing it gracefully!!