Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Visit

Grandpa Tom and Gigi were blessed with four grandchildren all at once last week. Here's a family photo before we all went to church.

Riley and Ayden doing their "boy" thing...movin' dirt with the front end loader and takin' it away with the dump truck. A hay farm has a lot of work for two young boys to stay occupied with.


All four Rickstrew grandchildren; Abram, Riley, Ayden, and Addyson.

Goin' fishin.

Swimming on our front porch.


the mom~ said...

Seriously, some of the most beautiful grandkids alive! How blessed for Tom's parents to have them all there together.

Donnie, Allison, Micah, and Emma said...

I love the picture of the four of them...especially Riley and Abram!