Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Shannon

Here's a little something for my sis-in-law's birthday today! A fun, springy handbag. This year has been my year to learn how to sew...which explains why if your birthday is on my iCal, you've received a handmade birthday present in the mail. After I get good at this sewing business tho, no promises for future birthdays, okay? But if you want to get in on the action while I'm still fresh, leave your birth date in the comment section. You just might get something cool in the mail from South Texas.

You can find this fun and fast pattern here.


Leslie said... want to send out some of those handmade beauties? Fine with me. My b-day is November 21. I was hoping that I would be on my way to sewing some cute skirts this summer, but I don't think that is going happening. I will have to wait until next year. Hope you are well.

Sean and Lindsey Thomas said...

August 25th and November 17th...but honestly I don't know if I'll make the seems to me you are already "good at this sewing buisness."

April said...

Ahhh, I would just love to have one of your hand made treasures! This bag is SO adorable, love it! October 17th is the Lindsey I'm not too sure if I'll make the cut, but I'm gonna try! :)

BrendaLou said...

You are doing great, Tracy!

Lara said...

This is SO cute, Tracy! Did you design the pattern? I love it!! It looks like the perfect carry-all!

JennE said...

I hope you can make me something "neat" like this my Birthday is January 19th and I'm your other sister-in-law! LOL my kids love their little zippered bags you made them, I even show my sitter Stacy who also loves to sew expecially for kids!