Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun on the Fourth

Went to a BBQ down the street for the 4th for July. They had a kiddie pool which nicely entertained the children for a few hours. The food was amazing too...mesquite smoked chicken stuffed with jalopenos and wrapped in bacon, brisket, country potatoes, cowboy beans, and hand stuffed deer sausage.

The perfect capture of water getting splashed on undeserving Isaac.

Father and Son

Father and Son

Then, we headed to the local City Park for fireworks. We enjoyed ourselves at the playground while the sun was busy setting.

We pulled the truck up close to the firework launch and sat in the bed of the pick up.

Look at Abram look at his Grandpa!

Riley was a wee bit scared of the "boom" and stayed under the lawn chairs for the first half of the show. After he realized he was perfectly safe and there was nothing to fear, he surfaced and joined the rest of us.


the mom~ said...

LOVE that last picture! Looks like a wonderful 4th and the food sounder DELISH!

Kendall and Kari Elkins said...

The pic of Garrett and his little ones is priceless. I love the last one too of the fireworks. Happy 4th!!