Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big & Tall Men

Not surprisingly, my medium infant sling does not fit Tom very well.  Even as a newbie, Abram was too scrunched on Papa's chest.  So, I decided to try my hand at making my own sling for the Big & Tall man in my life.  (The other day I was trying hard to fasten a onesie around Abram's cloth diapered bum and told him out loud "You are already too tall for all of your clothes.  Though, they fit you quite loose in the tummy area.  You remind me of your Papa."  Just then, Tom walked in and said, "Don't worry Abram, I've had to shop at Big & Tall my whole life, your brother needs to, and so will you."  So, here's a sling extra long for the Big & Tall men in my life. 

He decided to don his hat for the photo shoot to complete the outfit =)

It's even lined...which makes it reversible.

And now Abram has a lot of room to grow.  In this sling, he has already been on both of the tractors, the kubota, walked all around the farm (usually early morning prayer walks so Mama gets extra sleep), downtown to the Alamo (where Papa got lots of adoring looks -- we haven't seen anyone "carry" their babies like this down here yet!), along the famous Riverwalk, and in the grocery store several times.


Sara said...

That's it! No more envy of my craft skills - the feeling is mutual! When do I start my lessons?

the mom~ said...

Ahhhh...I love it! What a cool sling! :)