Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sewing Space

When my mother-in-law designed her custom house, she built in a large sewing room on the second floor. I've been so blessed to use this space! There is room enough for any craft project in here. No more waiting until everyone is in bed to get out the sewing machine and make a mess of the kitchen table.

And can you imagine a more useful thing than a huge cutting table? No more quilts hanging over the side, slipping off as you're trying to cut a straight line. And Tom has quite enjoyed this table for his bookmaking projects.

Last visit with midwife

We had our last visit with the midwife...just to see each other again and follow up on our postpartum days. Claudine was surprised at how much he's grown...and as she held him, we just stared at him and smiled...amazed at this gift from God that used to be inside me.

Basil Butterflies

Not only is our basil enormous...but it is daily covered with a hundred butterflies.

Father's Day Festivities

We went down to the Gulf of Mexico for Father's day. It was about a 2 hour drive from where we live. Here we all are in our van...Rockport, Texas, here we come!

The coast was/ is very windy and it is busy with fishing piers, most of them private. This pier was public, however, and we took a stroll out to the end.

The scenery on the Gulf Coast.

Riley doesn't go anywhere his bike can't go these days. If you see him off of his bike it is because he is sleeping or in his car seat. Otherwise, this bike is like another appendage.

Went to a famous (by Texans) restaurant called the Boiling Pot.

The graffiti as we entered the door.

Drink selection


A waitress comes around and puts plastic bibs on everyone. The table is covered with butcher paper and they give you crayons to decorate. The walls are covered in selective artwork from customers.

Even Abram got a bib.

But quickly fell asleep in Gigi's arms.

Here comes the food!

The dump it right on the table. Everyone gets a little cup of melted butter and a wooden hammer. No forks, no napkins. You just have at it! Afterwards, they bring you a small cup with water and a slice of lemon to wash up.
Swimming (or should I say wading?) in the Gulf. The water is VERY warm and very shallow.

All in all, the two fathers were blessed.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More birthdays = More handmade gifts

I just love this bonnet. In fact, I can't get enough of it. I'm going to make myself one because the cuteness is off the radar.

Little Tatum Fei (aka Potatum in Riley-speak) turned ONE in June and this bonnet was whipped up in her honor and mailed to her mailbox. I sure do hope it fits her head...having not seen her in person for 8 months...I used a general size. Pattern sold here.

I bought this pattern when I was hugely pregnant and collecting patterns and fabric to make (what I thought was my soon-to-be-born daughter) cute things like bonnets and sundresses. However, Abram was born (and I'm SOOOOO glad he was!) so the girl patterns went on the shelf. Fortunately most of my friends have daughters exclusively so they'll reap the benefits....for now!


Our dear friend Chris had a birthday too. I know, I know, what do you sew for a guy? Not a bonnet for pete's sake! Or a purse. BUT-- being the techno-savvy guy he is, I found this pattern for an awesome laptop protector. Now, THAT'S something he could use. (Actually not really use...since he already had a nice neoprene one, but this one is way more homey.)

Mom turns 60!!!

Another Bend the Rules project...matching placemats and napkins. Knowing my mother is a fan of linen, I used linen for the border and back. I had no idea linen would be so difficult to work with. Since it has loose fibers, it stretches here and not there, making a straight line mucho difficulto. Despite that, linen kicks these pacemats up a notch and that is what my mom deserves for her 60th!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Gent Family Gifts

Elisabeth graduated from high school this year and I really wanted to make something fun for her. It's called the "Artsy Clutch" from Bend the Rules sewing. It's my only sewing/ pattern book I own and I'm making it my goal to make everything out of it. This cute little purse is the first thing I've sewn from a pattern and barring very minor details, it turned out pretty well.

Rebekah recently had a birthday and I wanted to make her something handmade too. She got the "Heidi Headband." I'd say it looks great on her, wouldn't you?

photos courtesy of RDG. (thank you!)

Eating the fruit of our labors...

Here are some more random garden/harvest pictures. Loads of tomatoes are easy to use. There are so many uses for them: salsa, marinara, pizza sauce, soup, with basil and vinegar. But...loads of cucumbers? Other than pickling and cucumber salad...we're at a loss.

Here is one of three batches of salsa. Everything but the onion and garlic is from our garden. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, serrano peppers, anaheim peppers, salt, and lemon juice. Simple and tasty!

Extra jars that we gave away to neighbors and customers.

Sweet corn harvest. We like it best on the grill: husk and lay in foil with pat of butter, strand of rosemary, salt and pepper, and an ice cube. (recipe courtesy of sister in law)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my 2 month old babe

Boys can wear pilot caps, can't they?

Summer Swim Lessons

This is how a country boy learns how to swim...

A boy and his dog

The creek was full and he didn't care that the water was muddy OR that we had a snake sighting yesterday. All he wanted was to cool off, jump in, and practice his kicking. He throws sticks and balls for our lab, Naya, every day in this creek and in the large pond, and today he decided it was time he get in the water with her.

Ya ain't a city swimming pool...but we're makin' do with what we got!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bumbo Chair

This chair can be used as soon as baby can hold their head up, so, Tom decided to bust it out and see what Abram thought. Riley thought it was funny...this tiny babe sitting up in this chair.

"Who are you? And why do you look like me?" - Abram

So far, so good...he seems to like it.

Ut-oh...there's a limit...and we've hit it.

Antique Tractor Pull

Last weekend we went to the Wilson County Show Barn for a local summer event...right across from the John Deere house, a real-deal Antique Tractor Pull. If you've never been to one of these, let me give you the run down. Old tractors congregated outside the show barn (where they show 4H animals, have rifle practice, etc.) and lined up, ready to pull a massive weighted trailer and whoever pulled it the farthest, wins. And whole lot of hootin' and hollerin' in between. Here are some photos of real Texans at a real Texan event. Fun times...