Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look What We Found...

It's hay time!  Tom got in the big tractor yesterday and started to hook up the big rake in order to make long rows of cut hay all over the field.  While in that process, he discovered a hidden nest, under some of the mechanical parts of the rake.  He gently dismantled it and brought it inside for us all to see. 

It was so thoughtful, so artfully made me think of this whole wide world and how nothing is by chance.  Find a bird nest, made with every loving attention to detail for her babies, and you won't help but think of God and how He designed it all...and how much He cares for our every move, our every thought. 

The color was absolutely amazing.

When we finished admiring this mama birds' work, Tom, being the "over 6 foot" guy that he is, reached up in one of our oak trees and placed it securely in the middle of branches, not to fall down or be disturbed.