Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chris Arrives!

Our friend Chris is here for the week!  It feels so nice to have a piece of "home" here in Texas.  To celebrate the occasion, I made homemade ricotta cheese for a lasagna which almost entirely came out of our garden.  Thought I'd photo-document for ya'll to see... 

Chris and Abram on our porch

Sourdough bread rising 

Finished loaves

My new Mother's Day cookbook-- I love it!  It is chaulk full of recipes that get the entire family involved...especially little ones.

The milk and cream set to boil.

Curds have formed, and I'm draining the whey off.

Ricotta cheese two hours later

A big thick layer right on top of homemade pesto

It was very tasty!  Won't be making lasagna again with out this easy to make, homemade ricotta cheese.  It totally "makes" the dish!


katie said...

Homemade/homegrown from scratch, with a newborn babe. That's impressive. And it looks mighty tasty. You're lucky, Chris!

the mom~ said...

Look at you Tre! Way to go!

JennE said...

I want to get that book --very cool! thanks for sharing