Monday, April 13, 2009

Texas Picnic

A few weekends ago we were invited out to Kay's home for a picnic.  She told Riley to be ready for fishing and he was so excited, he couldn't wait.  

Turned out the fishing pond had dried up and the fish were gone...but it didn't matter to Riley.  When we drove up, he saw  this little water tank reservoir (filled with ornamental goldfish) and got so excited to fish right there.  We looked at each other like "why not" and he opened his monkey chair and got to work.  He had to borrow a fishing pole from Kay, which was fine since she had her grandson's pole at her house that day. 

That little reservoir was keeping our watermelon you see the smiley face on the watermelon?

Kay's house.  One of those teeny, tiny 300-400 sq feet homes that are built entirely from old and recycled wood.  It has a loft inside, a kitchen, washer and dryer, full bathroom.  It's pretty cozy.  And the recycled wood inside is awesome.  (Would've included a picture but didn't for her privacy sake!)

Riley sat here all day...for hours...with the patience of a champ...truly believing a fish would bite.  (Don't tell him all he had on the end of his pole was a metal washer.)

Papa joined him at one point. 

We took a walk through her fields...she raises cattle.

Going out to feed the cows.


the mom~ said...

That is one house I'd love to visit, it looks perfectly cozy! I love it!

katie said...

Mitch was reading Dr. Seuss' "McElligot's Pool" to the girls tonight and it made me think of these pictures you'd posted of Riley fishing in the fountain. Yay for you, Riley! There might be a fish, you never can tell!