Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls

Nothing beats waking up to the warm smell of cinnamon, sugar, pecans, and butter.  Except waking up to that on Christmas morning.  We've started this yummy tradition and it is so nice.  Thanks to Rebekah Gent, we've got an irresistible recipe.  They stay with you most the day, which means these and Christmas dinner (Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding) are enough to more than satisfy.  
The dough rises perfectly the day before.
All rolled up and in the pan, ready to refrigerate and be cooked in the morning.
Yum Yum.

I'm trying to find a way to post this recipe.  Stay tuned.


the mom~ said...

wow, those looks fabulous!!!

BrendaLou said...

so are you going to share the recipe????

JennE said...

yeah girl-- you can't show and not then post the receipe i will be looking for it in a email or on your blog soon!
jenn the sister