Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Raking and Baling

The Main House
Our Little Abode
The empty stream which leads to the pond
The dog pin

We cut, raked, and baled our last round of hay for the year.  It won't be until May before we start again.  The freezing temperatures at night are causing the hay to go dormant for the winter.  Here are some pictures of the tractors doing their thing on the farm.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Unsurprisingly, if that tractor is running, Riley wants to be in it.  Sometimes it takes hours to cut all of the hay....just going back and forth.  But he loves it.  Just sitting there, "workin the fields", as they say. 


April said...

Thanks for sharing about life down in Texas! It looks so open and peaceful there. I'm glad Riley is loving farm life!

the mom~ said...

What a wonderful life Riley is getting living and working on the farm! How very cool!

JennE said...

great photos tracy! did you guys get a new camera too!

love the tractor shots!
talk to you soon

MollyJoy said...

Love the new pics! My fav is the one with you on the road...BEEE-U-TIFUL! Love and miss you tre!