Friday, December 26, 2008

Pictures of Our Home

The children's room.

The closet and bookshelf.

Our bedroom.

Looking out the windows to the hay fields.

Our new computer and "office."


BrendaLou said...

Thanks for the windows into your world! BTW--go to and make your own signature!

the mom~ said...

Oh Tracy it's beautiful and perfect for you guys!

Sara said...


April said...

It's perfect! I love all the blue. :)

Hunserville said...

Thanks so much for the photo tour. I can see that you have parsimoniously adjusted to your new habitat. You didn't need all that space on Williams St. anyway. If it's space you want, just go out and roam the hay fields. Your pics give you away as a happy, well adjusted family, especially your faithful retriever. I am more and more convinced that yours was a smart move. The Lord will bless you for your God-centered decisions, you know. He is so good!
Love ya! Bob