Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Shots of the Farm

A dreary day in South Texas.  We decided to fill the pond from the water in the well.  This year has been so dry...we are in the middle of a drought, which is supposedly the worst than something like the in last thirty years.  Big Tom gets excited about a 20% chance of rain...we just laugh because even on Humboldt's warmest, sunniest day we have more than a 20% chance of rain.  

Meet the Kubota.  Our farm truck...kinda like a suped up golf cart.  4 wheel drive, dump trailer, wench, and probably other cool features I haven't seen in use yet.  This is what we use to drive all over the fields.

Happy Grandparents with happy grandchild.

Happy dog. Always ready to run alongside the Kubota.


the mom~ said...

can I come visit?!?!?!?

Hunserville said...

Hee Haw!
Oh my, would Champ ever love to romp in your hay fields.
Thanks so much for keep up your blog so we can see what's going on "down on the farm."
Love ya! Bob

Donnie, Allison, Micah, and Emma said...

Is that Naya? She looks a little slimmer than the last time I saw her :)