Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hay's For Horses

We get calls all of the time to deliver hay.  Sometimes we only have to go ten miles away and sometimes we have to drive an hour or more.  Last week for this delivery, we drove to Sequin, Texas...about 45 minutes away.  Here is the process we go through to get 225 (square) bales on a trailer.  (Round bales are loaded with tractors.)

Tom picks up the bale with hay forks. And loads it on the conveyor belt.
The bale goes up the conveyor belt and Tommy grabs it with hay forks.
Tommy layers the hay very carefully.  If any bales are off center, the load can topple over as we drive down the road.
Tommy ties down the load.  And we are off to Sequin.


the mom~ said...

That process is neat but looks strenuous. Way to go Tom!

Kelly said...

ahh moving hay bales. I had to only move about 15 - 20 bales but oh the fun you get hay in every nook of clothing. It make for an itchy day!